Endless Pinterest posts exhibiting dreamy decks might cause you to feel a little longing for something more when you step into your backyard. Perhaps you haven’t had the time or money to hire someone to build a deck even though you can perfectly imagine the color and design. However, adding a deck yourself may be easier than you realize. Oceanside flooring and design experts want to share 5 tips for installing a beautiful deck in your backyard.

  1. Draft a layout
    Before you begin building your new deck, make sure you know what the basic design will look like. Take measurements carefully and record them. Doing this yourself allows you to make the project as affordable as possible.
  2. Find Your Materials
    Now is a good time to figure out what materials you would like to use for your deck. Some types of wood, like redwood and cedar, are sturdier than others, but also more expensive. You could also choose to build your deck from a non-organic material like plastic. Plastic decks are stain resistant, don’t need to be finished, and won’t crack or warp like traditional wooden decks.
  3. Add Details to Your Design
    A plain flat deck is the most economical option, but many people like to customize their deck to add a little flair. You could add railings or fencing, or even create multiple levels on your deck. There are a wide variety of railing types you can choose from to make your deck more stylish.
  4. Decide on Stain or Paint
    Determine the shade you want to stain your deck with. If you decide to paint over your deck instead of staining it, the color options are essentially limitless. Remember paint will need more maintenance than stain because it chips over time.
  5. Add an Awning
    For the hottest and brightest summer days, you might want to add a cover over your deck to shield yourself from harmful rays. Otherwise, you can just add a large umbrella once the deck is finished.

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