6 Creative Design Ideas for Your Child’s Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms can be difficult to design. After all, you must consider not only their needs today, but also give them a space they can grow into. With an eye toward the future, you can design a thoughtful yet age-appropriate space your child will love for many years to come, without the need for costly renovations as they approach the teenage years. Here are six creative kid’s bedroom ideas to get you started.

  1. Built-Ins
    With some creative carpentry, you can maximize the space in your child’s bedroom and keep it organized. Built-ins can also overcome an awkward layout or complement architectural features. If the room will be shared, built-in bunk beds are an upgrade on a classic setup that maximizes the bedroom’s floor plan. You can also use a built-in design for a nook or large closet, turning it into a bookshelf, reading nook, bed, or study area.
  2. Roman Window Shades
    Roman shades are a timeless window treatment and easily customizable. Child-safe cordless shades can be covered with the fabric of your choice without much effort to easily match your child’s bedspread, accent pillows, favorite chair, or anything else. These shades also let in as much or as little natural light as you want while injecting a boost of style to your child’s room.
  3. Painted Wood Floors
    This idea is perfect if you own a house with hardwood flooring in Vista. You may be skeptical about the idea of painted floors, but painted wood adds charm and personality to a bedroom and it stands the test of time when the wood is correctly prepared and sealed. The options are also endless, from a neutral gray or white to a brilliant grassy green or sky blue or even patterns. This design idea is a good choice if you remove carpet and find old, worn wood floors, or you can start with unfinished wood for your project. For a look that lasts, make sure the surface is sanded and all debris is removed before applying thin coats of paint and finishing with a polyurethane sealer.
  4. Closet Organization System
    Many parents install dual rods in their child’s closet to maximize space while organizing small baby and toddler outfits. It won’t take long for your child to outgrow this setup. A closet organization system, on the other hand, can keep your child’s closet tidy from early childhood through the teen years. Closet systems come in many styles and price ranges, from budget-friendly adjustable wire racks to beautiful custom built-in closet systems.
  5. Kid-Friendly Lighting
    You don’t need to stick with standard ceiling light fixtures or wall pendant lights. When you’re designing a child’s bedroom, feel free to get creative with lighting that will delight your child. Consider an elegant child’s chandelier or colorful hanging pendant lights. Don’t forget task lighting. Try switching out the standard tabletop lamp for wall sconces on either side of the bed to keep the nightstand clear.
  6. Carpet Tiles
    In Vista, carpet is a popular choice for bedrooms, but it doesn’t have a very long life and can become stained easily, especially in a kid’s room. Carpet tiles are an affordable alternative with clear advantages. If a section becomes stained or damaged, the tiles can be easily replaced or swapped. You can choose wp/to-wall carpet tile installation or add them where you want them like an area rug. You can even make patterns, such as stripes or a checkerboard effect, for a fun yet replaceable flooring option in your child’s room.

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