As the final days of summer give way to cooler weather in San Diego County, many homeowners seize the change of season to tackle interior design projects they can enjoy in the final months of the year. Although fall colors tend to be associated with earthy tones that evoke the shades of harvest season, homeowners do not have to stick to pumpkin spice décor. In fact, this is a perfect time to try out interesting color combinations such as the ones listed below.

  1. Dark Yellow
    Before autumn leaves turn orange in some parts of the country, they go through a brief dark yellow period that accentuates comfortable interiors such as bedrooms, dens, and living rooms. Some of the shades that look great with dark yellow include gold, dark red, and pale cream. The advantage of dark yellow accents is that they can be easily combined with marble floors. The idea is to create a space that would have inspired a painting by Dutch master Vincent van Gogh.
  2. Reddish Brown
    Speaking of Dutch masters, interiors that have natural wood features such as doors and wall panels can be transformed into Vermeer paintings by choosing reddish brown palettes. Some homeowners will automatically think of wood or laminate floors to complement this look. However, for the full look of Vermeer’s The Girl with the Wine Glass, the smart choice would be checkered marble floors.
  3. Dark Forest Green
    Without a doubt, forest green walls will look great during the fall. However, this design scheme will also hold up during the entire year, and it can be combined with all traditional fall colors. For homeowners in Vista, hardwood flooring is the best bet for this color.
  4. Grey-Brown
    These fall colors are more appropriate for bedrooms and other private spaces such as home offices. Martha Stewart is known to decorate her guest bedrooms using this color scheme, which looks good with either engineered or natural stone tile flooring. Vista homeowners tend to not prefer this combination for their kitchens.
  5. Orange, Red, and Copper
    This is the most traditional fall color scheme. It looks great in dining rooms that welcome family and other visitors for Thanksgiving dinner. This combination is perfect for foyers and can be accentuated with splashes of white on trims, baseboards, and crown molding in the interiors of homeowners who like striking designs. The right choice of flooring can be tricky when the walls are painted in colors that evoke pumpkin and cinnamon. For this reason, homeowners should consider the materials, patterns, and tones accordingly.
  6. Marigold and Red
    Homeowners who like bright and airy spaces should consider introducing these two colors in the fall. Subdued reds and yellows reminiscent of marigolds can be applied to just about any living space, and the choice of flooring is wide open.

Adding new flooring to the home may be on your list of design elements you’d like to change this fall. If you need professional flooring installation, Vista homeowners trust the high-quality services provided by Unique Flooring. Call 760-945-0010 today, or stop by our showroom for a free quote.