Every person who has ever considered remodeling a room of their house to create an at-home exercise room has had to grapple with the question of what flooring to put in. There is no automatic right answer to that question, as it is entirely dependent upon the type of exercising you intend to do. Here are a 6types of flooring commonly used in home exercise rooms that you can consider when trying to decide which new flooring is right for your workout needs.

Horse Stall Mats
Yes, those same mats that horses use to protect their knees can be just what you need for maximum floor protection from weights and exercise machines. The drawback is they are not aesthetically appealing and can have a rubbery smell.

Virgin Rubber Tiles
Go to your local gym and you will probably see this kind of flooring. It’s a little pricey, but it is moisture proof and cleans easily. Virgin rubber also has no unpleasant odors associated with it and is not appropriate for rooms where you plan to entertain guests.

From an ecological perspective, cork flooring is ideal because it is completely biodegradable. It also offers a little bounce which is great for joints and acts as a sound barrier. However, it’s not as durable as rubber and may tear or crumble over time.

Foam Tiles
Popular because they come in a wide assortment of colors and are easy to install, this flooring has limited durability and will dent when weights are dropped. It is ideal for a light exercise routine without heavy weights or equipment.

Utility Grade
This wood flooring has the virtue of being inexpensive, but it can splinter over time. It works well for heavy weight lifters and large machines, but doesn’t have much give. An option is to add some cushioned matting for joint protection.

While this style of flooring looks nice, laminate flooring is only suitable for a room in which there are no machines and only light exercising is anticipated. That’s because it can scratch and dent rather easily.

So remember, the first step is to always determine how you want to use your at-home exercise room, thenyou’re able to choose your flooring accordingly. If you’re still in need of expert help, don’t hesitate to contact the San Diego flooring experts at Unique Flooring in Oceanside, CA. Call us today at 760.945.0010 for a free estimate or to set up a consultation.