The entryway of your home transitions you from the outside world to your personal oasis. It’s the first glimpse guests get when they walk into your house, and nothing hurts a good first impression more than plain entryway floors. Creating a grand entryway floor doesn’t have to require a grand budget, however. Today, the San Diego flooring experts at Unique Flooring are going to give you a few tips for how to create a show-stopping and budget-friendly entryway.

  • Do It Yourself
    Taking on DIY projects is a great way to get the best floors at an even better price. Look for options such as a white marble basketweave which offers timeless elegance. The marble is sold in flexible sheets, making installation easier for first-time DIYers.
  • Pattern Your Hardwood
    Hardwood floor entryways are a beautiful option to create a show stopping focal point that will make guests stop and admire your beautiful home. If you want a more custom look to your hardwood, consider adding an inlaid wood mosaic or a wood border. Checkered patterns in various hardwoods are also a stunning and modern design. We recommend the flooring manufacturers Anderson, Armstrong or Garrison for those in seek of a classic look.
  • Get Creative with Tiles
    Try irregular tile patterns to add a custom feel to an entryway without the budget breaking cost. Lay tile diagonally and add dark accent tiles between for a floor with clean lines that draws the eye. Unique mosaic tiles are a great option and are also available in flexible sheets, making it easier to lay the tile yourself. Consider even adding a different stone border to truly set the entryway apart.
  • Save Quality Materials for your Entry
    You can also opt to lay beautiful stone or woodwork for your entryway only, while using more cost-effective materials throughout the rest of your house to make your home feel elegant from the first step inside. Click here to view our options for stunning, yet affordable tile flooring.

Try some of our tips for a beautiful entryway with a price tag you’ll love. And if you’re interested in viewing some of your flooring options first-hand, don’t hesitate to stop by our showroom in Oceanside. We offer complimentary consultations and would be more than happy to answer your questions and show you your flooring options.