If you’re a home designer, you know that trends and styles are constantly revolving; what’s out of fashion will at some point in the future become popular again. While for some products, there is a very small likelihood that they will prosper and regain their former glory, we are starting to see old design trends popping up in modern homes around the nation. The adage “everything old is new again” is more prevalent today than ever before.

At the Unique Flooring Store in San Diego, we’re always trying to stay up-to-date on today’s latest trends so we can pass that knowledge onto our clients. Here’s what we’ve found. Are all old home designs coming back in style in San Diego? Definitely not. However, a few seem to have climbed to the top of the list and when combined, create a beautiful mix of old world charm and modern elegance.

The first of the comeback kings is bold wallpaper patterns. Whether you have a preference for geometric shapes, vibrant colors or ribbons of metallic accents, wallpaper goes beyond what paint can do. While it may still not be in style to wallpaper an entire room from top to bottom, when used for an accent wall, trim or layering, wallpaper has room transforming and style defining powers.

To compliment and offset bold wallpaper patterns, designers are turning to midcentury modern furniture. Clean lines and natural finishes are characteristics of this look, helping to ensure that rooms maintain a style aspect without becoming too retro. Brass fixtures and a classic color palette round out the midcentury modern design aesthetic, ensuring that no room is too bold or busy.

And finally, one of the fastest growing home design trends regaining popularity: reclaimed hardwood. There is a heavy focus on wood products that maintain their natural appearance, only finished with a light stain. For a dramatic, yet classic transformation, homeowners are turning to reclaimed hardwood flooring. This type of San Diego hardwood flooring is not only eco friendly and cost efficient, it offers stunning visual appeal that cohesively brings together all of the previously mentioned “old trends.”

Thinking about updating your home, but can’t keep up with what’s trending? Head over to Unique Flooring in San Diego. We specialize in all types of flooring from classic carpet to stone and tile in San Diego. Whatever your design visions may be, our flooring experts will help make them into a reality.