Home Design: How to Pick Floor Color

Floor color makes a big impact on a room’s ambiance, and deciding on a color should not be a hasty decision. While a lot of thought needs to go into your choice, careful consideration will help you choose a color that you will be satisfied with long term.

To choose your flooring color, consider your design style, furniture and other colored elements of the room and the mood the color creates. For example, if your design style leans more toward contemporary, you might consider choosing from current color trends to match the style. Neutral tones, especially grey and khaki, are popular choices among current designers and they provide a balance for bolder, warmer furniture colors that are also trending.

Understanding Color Temperature
When considering color, also pay attention to the color temperature your design requires. Cool colors are shades of blue, green and purple. These are associated with the element of water or air and invoke a sense of peace and calm. Grey/green or light blue tiles or rugs, for example, help to promote this cool, calm ambience. Designers often use cool colors or muted earth tones, such as sage green and sand, to balance warm tones in a room.

Warm colors are the red, orange and yellow shades. A vibrant throw rug or tile mosaic in these colors instantly adds energy and warmth to a space. You will often see warm tones incorporated into kitchen or dining room decor, as these colors stimulate appetite. Wood flooring, and especially the darker toned wood such as cherry or mahogany, also adds warmth to the room. If you prefer wood flooring but you want to create a cooler, breezy ambience, choose light wood stains and woods such as oak or maple. Click here to view affordable options for hardwood flooring in San Diego.

Deciding on Plain or Patterned
When choosing between solid colors versus patterns for flooring, remember that a bold pattern with two or more colors draws the eye and can serve as a design focal point. However, if you intend to incorporate boldly patterned furnishings as well, you will need to proceed cautiously. A bold or busy patterned floor can compete with other decor. In these cases, it is often better to choose a solid color for your flooring in San Diego.

Your final decision should be based on whether or not the color matches your personal style tastes. No matter how trendy or appropriate a color is otherwise, if it does not make you feel comfortable, then it is not the correct choice.

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