With a few weeks left in 2013, people are chatting about upcoming resolutions, advertisements for the gym and fitness centers are plentiful, and friends and family are starting to make plans for how they’re going to ring in the New Year. However, as we approach yet another year, we’re thinking about how housing trends have grown in the past few decades! So to kickoff the countdown to NYE, we’ve created a list of what Americans are really looking for in a house, specifically what they’re looking for in upcoming 2014.

Bigger is always better
According to a recent report by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), the typical new homebuyer is looking for a residence that is 17% larger than their current home. A majority of the buyers that are looking into new construction want at least a 4-bedroom home, providing more room for baby boomer relatives or empty nesters (children) who move back home.

Storage, storage, storage
Builders say the desire for large closet spaces is on the top of the list for many buyers, resulting in closets more than doubled the size of those found in high-end model homes of 10 years ago. The preferred walk-in closet isn’t just a necessity for the master bedroom, but in additional guest rooms as well. Also, don’t forget about plenty of pantries and extra large closet spaces throughout the house for additional goods.

Attention to detail
Buyers are looking for homes with high end finishes, specifically in the kitchen and bathroom, and most prefer solid hardwood floors throughout. Additionally, while fireplaces are still a must-have in any living space, the large towering fireplaces seen in vintage homes are being traded for shorter models to allow for the much needed space above to hang a flat-screen television.

Trading formal for essential
Newly-constructed homes are slowly starting to fade out the formal dining room. The trend, especially in 2014 will revolve around open concept living spaces where the kitchen flows directly into the family room. In fact, the NAHB says that many homebuyers would rather have a dedicated laundry room than a formal dining room, resulting in a home layout very different from those of past generations.

A home for the family, and the car
The garage isn’t just a place to store your vehicle, it is a multi-functional storage area. For many new buyers, garage storage is now essential, with about 22% of homebuyers looking for single-family homes with 3-car and even larger garages! These garages are fitted with built in storage and some even have vinyl or laminate flooring to ensure a seamless and eye-appealing transition from the garage to the inside of the home.

Not in the market to buy a new home? No problem! There are many simple ways in which you can update your home to match 2014’s newest housing trends such as installing new cabinets, granite or quartz countertops, or beautiful hardwood or tile floors. For design assistance or to check out flooring samples, visit our San Diego flooring store and work with our expert design and flooring consultants.