How to Protect Your New Floors When Painting

Though sometimes it can’t be helped, painting when you have new floors can be risky. As stray primer or paint can get embedded in nice hardwood or carpet, it’s important to take steps to avoid accidental floor damage. Here are a few tips for protecting your floors while painting, from the San Diego flooring experts at Unique Flooring.

  1. Use plastic sheets and drop cloths.
    The best way to protect your new floors is to thoroughly cover them with drop cloths or plastic sheets. At a minimum, you should cover the floors around where you are painting for at least a foot or more from the base of the wall. Securing these sheets or cloths with painters’ tape can also keep them in place so they don’t accidentally shift and leave areas exposed. Though you can also use newspapers or cardboard, canvas drop cloths or plastic sheeting are easier to set up and are less likely to move.
  2. Don’t walk on uncovered areas.
    To avoid transferring paint to unprotected floor, don’t walk between areas without removing or putting on shoes. Many painting experts suggest painting in bare feet, so that you can detect when you have stepped in wet paint and can wipe your feet before spreading the paint on other areas. While you can also wear shoes, be aware that footwear can attract wet paint without you realizing it. Whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes, to be safe, check the bottoms of your feet before moving from your drop cloths to unprotected areas.
  3. Don’t place painting supplies on floors.
    While the bottoms of paint cans, pans, and other supplies may be dry to the touch, these painting tools can often smear seemingly dried paint onto bare floors. Make sure all your supplies sit only on areas that are covered, and don’t do any painting tasks, like pouring paint in a pan or mixing paint, near bare carpet or hardwood floors in San Diego. Instead, always ensure that there is approximately a one-foot radius of protected area around your painting supplies. This way, even if something spills, the drop cloths and sheets will prevent staining.

Painting and renovating your home can be exciting, but accidental paint spills on a new floor are not. If you’re remodeling other areas of your house, the flooring and design consultations at Unique Flooring San Diego can help you pick out the hardwood, tile, or carpet flooring in San Diego that best compliments your home.