Kid Friendly and Cool: Impossible?

Home design magazines often display picture perfect family rooms with young children enjoying the chic and modern spaces. These well behaved children are perched upon leather couches in front of glass tabletops and are in the midst of beautiful paintings and stark white walls. Don’t we all wish it could be this easy? While magazines offer aesthetically pleasing family rooms, reality is, having children generally means compromises have to be made in terms of design.

So are kid friendly and chic spaces impossible to create? Of course not! At our San Diego flooring store, we always suggest that families start with a good foundation: flooring. There are many options for beautiful, yet durable flooring which include hardwood, tile and even laminate. These options will not only provide the longest lifespan, but are also easy to clean. And for those who prefer a softer feel under their feet, carpets have come a long way, many with stain resistant qualities to protect them from the everyday wear and tear of little ones.

In addition to flooring, here are a few other ways to child-proof your home in style:

Pick your fabrics carefully
Getting a sofa upholstered in pale linen is setting yourself up for a world of pain. Washable fabrics are going to be your best friend and you’re going to want to opt for darker colors or patterns. This will help hide those unavoidable stains and spills. And if you can’t live with darker fabrics, slip covers are the way to go.

Take advantage of area rugs
Today’s design is all about texture so stay stylish by adding and area rugs to your space. Layering over carpeting or hardwood flooring in San Diego homes can truly save your investment and make spills a lot less traumatic.

Paint with semi-gloss
Many parents make the mistake of painting in matte paints which show every fingerprint and scrape, and are notoriously difficult to clean. Semi-gloss paint on the other hand tends to be more forgivable, allowing you to paint in that lighter color that would go perfect with your design style.

Forget freestanding lamps
Every room needs light, however freestanding lamps are asking to be knocked over. Suspend lamps from the ceiling and install wall scones; you’ll be provided with plenty of stylish lighting and you won’t have to worry about the dangers of a broken lamp.

Although your kids may use your curtains as napkins and display their artwork on the walls, the above tips can help you can minimize the long-term effects! For more kid-friendly design tips or for information about hardwood, laminate or tile flooring in San Diego, contact us today at 760-945-0010.
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