Moving Furniture Before Installing New Floors

After you’ve decided to buy new floors and have gone out to purchase the materials, it’s best to plan ahead before you begin installing the new flooring. No doubt you’ll be excited to have the brand-new floor, but you should move forward with the installation in a careful manner to avoid major inconveniences or delays. Whether it’s hardwood, laminate, carpet, or tile flooring, San Diego homeowners can use these tips on what to do with furniture and other arrangements to make when they get new floors.

Manage the New Floor Area
Make sure all furniture and other items around the new floor area aren’t in the way before you begin to install the new flooring. You should be able to answer such questions as the following:

  • What size is the project? – Try to visualize how much space you’ll be taking up and where exactly you’ll be installing the new flooring. Often there’s a ripple effect when working on more than one room.
  • How much time will the installation take? – You’ll need to plan according to your timetable.
  • What is the size of the area? – The amount of flooring and the logistics of the installation will largely depend on the size of the area for the new flooring as well as how much room you have for shifting things around during the installation process.
  • How much can you afford? – You’ll need to know whether you can move furniture by yourself or whether you’ll be able to pay someone else to do it and whether you’ll have to store things.

After answering such questions, you should be able to decide among three basic strategies:
  • Musical chairs – This is where you move your furniture to another room during the installation. While it can be hard work, it’s inexpensive, as you can eliminate storage costs and possible damage to your furniture.
  • Storage at home – You could temporarily place your furniture in a garage or shed while putting in a new floor. Make sure the storage facility is waterproof and protected enough to prevent damage to your stored items.
  • Storage unit rental – This option might be overkill, especially if you have a small flooring project. However, it might be necessary, such as when you’re dealing with a cramped room or putting in new flooring in multiple rooms.

Organize and Clean Up the New Floor Area
After the furniture is cleared out of the way, start removing fixed impediments such as baseboards and door frames. You should also vacuum the area thoroughly. You or your installers will need to remove the old flooring and any junk that may be lurking underneath it. Once the old flooring has been taken out, you’ll need to ensure the subfloor is smooth and level before installation begins. An experienced hardwood flooring installation specialist can do this for you to ensure the right finish.

With proper preparation and good planning, installing your new floors can be a relatively simple process. If you need expert advice or help with your project, call on the professionals at Unique Flooring. We have years of experience with every type of flooring, and our services include the highest-quality floor installation and floor refinishing. San Diego homeowners are encouraged to drop by our showroom or give us call at 760-454-1436.
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