Any homeowner knows that finding the right products to keep your floors in pristine condition is not always an easy task. From high-tech gadgets to powerful solvents, there seems to be something for every mess, stain and surface. Is there a single floor product that does it all?

Earlier this year, the well known Oreck Corporation released its first bagless vacuum, the Oreck Touch, which was named the 2013 best new floor care product by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association. Because the product had recently hit the market, few homeowners had the opportunity to test the vacuum and see if it stood up to its award winning title. Fast forward to today, and the Oreck Touch is a highly recommended product for any San Diego household.

As a leader in the flooring business for many years, we’ve seen the industry of floor care products change and adapt to consumer needs with the help of technological advancements. Major players including Dyson and Electrolux introduced product lines that could effectively remove pet hair, dirt, food and more, out of all types of flooring surfaces from slick tile to plush carpeting. It is no surprise that the classic Oreck Company we’re all so familiar with finally made a jump into the 21st century with a modern vacuum. Fortunately, while proudly sporting a new sleek design, it gets the job done just as we remember.

The Oreck Touch uses a canister instead of a bag that reviews claim is easy to take out and handle. Furthermore, the addition of a hassle-free release lever makes disposing of your vacuumed particles a breeze. After you’ve emptied the canister, all you have to do is simply click it back into place. Like other vacuums the Oreck Touch pivots as you turn, along a joint at the base, allowing you to clean hard to reach places. Touch designers thought of everything and intelligently placed the power button at the top of the handle, meaning no more bending down to turn your vacuum on and off.

When put to the test, the Oreck Touch picked up various fibers with no problem when up against comparable vacuums, as well as those priced much higher than the Touch which retails at $399. Even crumbs and cereal were picked up from tile, laminate and various types of hardwood flooring San Diego residents had in their homes. The pieces did not scatter nor were they crushed into the floors.

At Unique Flooring in San Diego, it is important that you protect your flooring investment and continue to take care, clean and maintain it following installation. So if you’re looking for a great cleaning product, it is safe to say that the Oreck Touch meets our requirements and is a great option for homeowners in the area. While the price tag of $399 is still on the high side, when compared to others on the market, it is a competitive quality product that is worth every penny!

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