Pros and Cons of Top 5 Flooring Choices

Once you have decided to redo your flooring, you become inundated with flooring options. While overwhelming, these choices are incredibly important and, as such, should be carefully considered. After all, you will likely live with your new flooring for years to come. To hopefully make this process more manageable, here is a guide to deciding on your new flooring.

  1. Hardwood
    Hardwood flooring is a classic, timeless choice for both new construction and remodeling.
    Pros: You can achieve many different looks depending on the type of wood, grain, or finish, and hardwood flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to maintain as well as clean.
    Cons: With aesthetics and functionality comes a price tag. Hardwood can be quite expensive and hard to install, and a home with small children and large pets will quickly see scratches running along the floorboards.
    Expect to pay $12 per square foot.
  2. Laminate
    Recently increasing in popularity, laminate has the great look of hardwood without all the cost.
    Pros: There are more style choices for laminate flooring, allowing you to create your exact vision. Unlike hardwood, the installation of laminate is very simple, even allowing for easy removal and reinstallation.
    Cons: Damaged laminate cannot be refinished the same way that hardwood can, so a floorboard has to be replaced entirely. Due to the low cost and easy installation, laminate does not add significant value to a home.
    Expect to pay $7 per square foot.
  3. Carpet
    Always on the minds of homebuyers, carpet provides a lot of utility at the expense of significant upkeep.
    Pros: While not as easy an installation as laminate, carpet is not particularly hard to put into your home. One of the best choices for insulation, carpet can help keep your home warm in the colder months, and the multitude of options from Unique Flooring in San Diego means homeowners on any budget can find a carpet for their home.
    Cons: Although a vacuum is all that is needed for daily cleaning of carpet, staining is common and can be difficult to prevent or remove. Over time, carpet will essentially wear out, resulting in another cost.
    Expect to pay $4 per square foot.
  4. Tile
    One of the world’s oldest types of flooring, tile is beautiful and resilient.
    Pros: Tile is strong, durable, and comes in dozens of styles. It’s also easy to clean and maintenance is minimal.
    Cons: Ceramic tiles are not as strong as porcelain and, as a result, could potentially chip. Installation, while not impossible, is involved and can be quite difficult. With such rigidity, it can become uncomfortable to walk on tile for extended periods of time.
    Expect to pay from $6 to $14 per square foot.
  5. Vinyl
    Vinyl has both the benefit of being inexpensive as well as having a massive selection of choices.
    Pros: Unlike most flooring choices, vinyl is very inexpensive and installation could not be much simpler.
    Cons: Vinyl is perhaps the least durable of all the flooring choices. From scratches to tears and stains, vinyl is vulnerable to most wear.
    Expect to pay $4 per square foot.

It is important to realize that each type of flooring has pros and cons–no single choice is going to be perfect. The flooring experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego can help you find the best fit for your budget, lifestyle, and aesthetic. Swing by our showroom and take a look at everything from vinyl flooring to exotic wood flooring, or give us a call at (760) 945-0010 for a free estimate!
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