The flooring in a home is one of the most important features because it helps determine its beauty and level of appeal. For those who live in older houses with hardwood floors, it’s important to update the floors with a bit of care. When reclaiming old hardwood flooring, Carlsbad homeowners should take a few key steps to transform their appearance.

Determine If the Wood Is Salvageable
You’ll need to evaluate the thickness and condition of the current wood floors to determine if they’re salvageable. To ensure the flooring can be reclaimed, measure from the subfloor to the ceiling to get an idea of how thick the wood is. If the nails are visible, it’s too thin to restore. You don’t need to worry about causing surface damage because it can easily be sanded down. If there are too many screws present, it may be too difficult to attempt to salvage the wood, and you might need to replace it with something new like Tecsun hardwood flooring. In Carlsbad, there are a variety of wood flooring options to choose from if you can’t reclaim your current floors.

Carefully Remove the Boards
Use a pry bar to remove each nail and carefully remove the board to reduce the amount of splitting that could occur. The old nails should be tapped out, and you should stagger the joints when you reinstall the floor.

Clean the Floors
Remove the furniture and spray a water and vinegar mixture on the surface of the floor, then wipe it off with a paper towel. Keep the windows open to air out the smell of vinegar.

Hand Sand the Perimeter of the Room
You’ll need to sand the perimeter of the room by hand with a piece of 180-grit sandpaper to reach tight areas that the buffer might not be able to reach. Rub the sandpaper over the wood floorboards until dust appears. Avoid using a sanding block to perform the task because it could cause the floors to have an uneven finish.

Scuff Sand the Floors
Scuff sanding the floors with a buffer removes scratches that have developed on the surface of the boards, and the floors may look as good as new once the surface is sanded down and you apply one or two coats of finish. Rent a buffer from a local home improvement store and vacuum the dust that accumulates. You can keep the windows open to help clear out the dust, and it’s also important to wear a mask to avoid breathing in the dust as you sand the floors. If you’re inexperienced with using a buffer, consider practicing on the wood in the middle of the floor to become more comfortable with the equipment. After using the buffer, apply water-based polyurethane, which takes an average of three hours to dry.

If you can’t salvage your old wood floors, it may be time for a new floor installation. Carlsbad homeowners can trust in Unique Flooring to provide reliable installation services and high-quality flooring products. Stop by our showroom today or give us a call at 760-945-0010 for a free quote.