As a society we’re becoming more eco-friendly. We are starting to see a shift in purchasing behavior with a large percentage of buyers gravitating toward, and some even seeking products that are safe for the environment. As companies offer monetary incentives for going green (adding solar panels to your home or for driving an electric car), it comes as no surprise that the eco-friendly trend is being embraced by a number of industries.

As for the world of flooring, we’ve noticed the increase in demand for eco-friendly products. One material in particular that has gained popularity, largely in part due to its sustainability, is reclaimed hardwood flooring. This salvaged product is the ultimate in recycling as the planks are the result of wasted and used wood that would have otherwise contributed to a landfill. But don’t think the benefits stop there. Here are a few other reasons why designers and homeowners are falling in love with reclaimed hardwood floors in San Diego:

  1. Texture
    Texture is the new color! In the realm of shabby-chic design, layering different textures adds appeal to a room and the unfinished planks, distressed surfaces and exposed seams of reclaimed hardwood offer the perfect textural juxtaposition. Plus, the hand-scraped look of hardwood floors easily disguises scratches and scrapes that result from everyday wear and tear. Some may even argue that extra markings add to the charm.
  2. Uniqueness
    Simply said, no two reclaimed hardwood boards are alike. The flooring product offers a nearly infinite array of visuals and a unique look that is difficult to find in new materials such as vinyl or laminate flooring in San Diego. And because reclaimed wood often comes from old barns, churches, wine barrels and even shipwrecks, it shares a story that adds to the appeal of your home.
  3. Durability
    With reclaimed hardwood flooring, beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of practicality. As these woods were originally harvested from old-growth trees, their inherent durability simply cannot be matched. In fact, on the Janka hardness scale (which matches the relative hardness of woods), reclaimed wood is up to 40 points harder than virgin wood of first-generation forests.

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