It has often been said painting a room is the easiest way to create a new look. Instead of repainting or stomping your ceiling, there are other crafty ways to make your remodeled ceiling a sensation. For instance, adding one of these materials can give it a fresh and exciting look.

You can create a stunning effect on your ceiling with wallpaper. It can be textured or have an interesting pattern, and some designs may create a hand-painted effect that could complement hardwood flooring or fancy tile.

Consider using the same type of hardwood design on your ceiling you used on your remodeled floors, especially if your home has a rustic or cabin style. To complete the look, use a neutral paint color on the walls because putting wood on the walls would be too much of a good thing.

If you’ve ever taken a tour of Elvis Presley’s famous home, you probably noticed there were rooms with fabric-covered ceilings. You can create an opulent look in your bedroom by opting for a similar style. The fabric could be gathered in the middle and stapled around the corners, and it would likely complement dark, elegant hand-scraped hardwood floors. If you get tired of the look, you can easily take the fabric down and have your regular ceiling back again.

If you love Moroccan-style décor, you can create a similar look in one of your favorite rooms with a tiled ceiling. Use rich jewel tones mixed with neutrals so the effect is not too busy. You can easily pair a tiled ceiling with a lovely travertine or marble floor.

Copper and metal-tiled ceilings are iconic features in many Victorian homes. You can still buy vintage tiles if you are willing to pay the high prices for them, or you can buy those that look like vintage metal for a fraction of the price. These types of ceilings were traditionally paired with hardwood floors. However, you can still use metal-tiled ceilings with laminate flooring as well.

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