Types of Grout and Their Uses

If you are looking to change the style of the flooring in a certain area of your home, you might be considering tile. That means grout. Unless you’re a flooring professional, like the flooring experts at Unique Flooring of San Diego, you probably aren’t aware that there are many different kinds of grout on the market and some work better than others in certain situations. Here is a short guide to the types of grout on the market and where you can use them best.

Non-Sanded Grout
This cement based grout is best for tiles with small joints. If this grout is used in wider gaps, it can crack. The tile surface needs to be dry when applying this grout, and it works great on vertical surfaces, like shower walls, as well as on floors with small tiles.

Sanded Grout
Sanded grout works well between tiles with larger gaps. It has a cement based mortar that includes sand and works well with natural stone, marble tile, glass, and any other heavy tile. Unlike non-sanded grout, sanded grout should go on when the tile is slightly damp. The downside is that the sand in the grout can scratch tiles if you try to polish the stone and some of the grout comes out.

Epoxy Grout
Epoxy grout forms a barrier to liquids and prevents bacteria and cracking. Epoxy grout is water resistant and great for ceramic and porcelain tile. If the floor is exposed to water, such as in the bathroom or near a kitchen sink, this type of grout is best. Keep in mind you have to grout quickly with epoxy grout because it gets stiff quickly and is rather expensive.

Furan Grout
Furan grout is similar to epoxy grout, but is chemical resistant and perfect for flooring with tile or brick. Furan grout is uncommon in residential projects and works well in industrial settings. This grout only comes in black and requires special installation.

If you’re ready to make a change to your home’s floors, contact the flooring experts at Unique Flooring in San Diego to schedule your free consultation or call us at (760) 945-0010. We offer a wide variety of flooring options, including wood, laminate, tile, and carpet, and are sure to have a flooring that suits your style and budget.
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