Two of the most popular tile flooring materials are ceramic and porcelain, which is a type of ceramic. Both types of tile are shaped with clay and then fired in a kiln. Porcelain is denser, harder, and less porous than ceramic. Its hardier construction is reflected in its higher cost. Unique Flooring in Oceanside, California, offers a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tile styles that come in sizes ranging from mosaic to large format. When comparing tile styles, remember that spacing between tiles and grout color influence the floor’s final look.

Standard tile size

Most often, ceramic tile can be found in solid, earth-tone colors and standard sizes. Many homeowners choose square tiles, and standard sizes start at 6-inches and increase to 8-, 12-, 16-, 18-, and 24-inches. Rectangular tiles range from 1-inch x 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch to 6-inch x 8-inch.

Mosaic to large format

Porcelain, and sometimes ceramic, tile can vary in size from mosaic to large format. Penny round mosaic tiles create a dramatic look while large format tiles, some as big as 30-inches x 15-inches, make a room look larger. Hexagon and octagon tiles are 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch. Other tile shapes include basketweaves, arabesques, scallops, diamonds, and ovals.

Wood-look tile flooring

Porcelain flooring tiles can be left in their natural state or modified to look like other materials such as wood. Tiles come in plank sizes that range from 4-inch x 12-inch and 48-inch to 16-inch x 32-inch. For the most realistic look, choose long planks and a grout color that is similar to the darkest tone in the tile.

Stone look floor tiles

Porcelain tiles can mimic stone as well as wood. Travertine, slate, quartzite, marble, and onyx are a few of the popular stones. These stone look tiles are usually square or rectangular. Common sizes include 6-inch x 24-inch, 12-inch x 24-inch, 16-inch x 32-inch, 18-inch x 18-inch, and  24-inch x 24-inch.

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