What’s that Squeak and How Can I Make it Stop?

Beautiful hardwood flooring is a great addition to any room and can add quite a bit of personality to a home, but many homeowners are going to hear those dreaded squeaks sooner or later. These squeaks can take place for a number of reasons, but homeowners will be happy to hear that fixing this problem will often take just a few minutes and only a handful of basic supplies.

After a house has been built or new wood floors have been installed, the wood will begin to settle, dry out, and shrink. Planks that originally fit tightly alongside one another may no longer have a perfect fit, and this means quite a bit of movement. The movement between planks is what causes that cringe-worthy squeak when people walk across it.

Handy homeowners who want to try fixing the squeaks themselves should begin by walking across the floor to identify the loose boards. If the culprit board is over a cellar or basement, the homeowner should head down with a small shim, carpenter’s glue, and a light hammer. A small layer of carpenter’s glue can be placed on the shim and the shim should be gently hammered in between the support beam and the flooring plank without lifting it up.

If the floor continues to squeak or the squeaking is a result of the subfloor under the hardwood floor you will need a drill, a number 8 screw, and 1/8in. drill bit. You will need to carefully make a pilot hole without going through the hardwood floor, and then drop the No. 8 screw into the subfloor and partway into the hardwood flooring.

Squeaks and creaks are sure to pop up at some point for those with hardwood floors, but a few simple tools and supplies kept around the house will make this project quick and affordable. Of course, if you aren’t big on DIY home repair, you can always a hire a professional (or embrace the charm). If you’re considering new hardwoods for your home, consult the San Diego flooring specialists at Unique Flooring who can help you make the right choice for your home. Call (760) 945-0010 to request a free in-home estimate.
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