That answer will depend entirely upon you and your lifestyle. It’s important to remember that one isn’t better than the other.

There have been times when a little manufacturing has been necessary to bring Mother Nature's work up to meet modern-day needs.

To make the best carpet selection, explore your lifestyle, budget and flooring needs and goals with your retailer.

The basic four

●Wool is the most well-known all-natural carpet flooring. No doubt about it: It’s beautiful, elegant, fluffy, soft and white. Don't let the all-white discourage you in any way; the sheep from which it comes from have inherent oils that repel dirt.
●Nylon is known for its' phenomenal strength, resistance to abrasion and easy cleanability. This carpet is also resilient, which means it can "bounce back" to its original appearance. It holds color well and is also a little absorbent, so you must use a stain protectant. There are two levels of nylon, 6.0 and 6.6 which give them slightly different molecular characteristics. There's no difference in durability, but some say 6.6 has better color retention and resistance to static.

This can be discussed more thoroughly at the flooring store.

●Polyester has less resiliency than nylon, so it will show wear faster, and it has excellent stain resistance, especially for liquid-based stains; it’s considered to be a hydrophobic fiber which means it has low absorbency. PET polyester, another type, is considered eco-friendly and is made from recycled plastic bottles.
●Olefin is most often associated with the Berber (loop) style because the strongest part of that fiber is used while producing this rug, resulting in the fiber’s increased durability. Although the stain resistance is excellent, the soil resistance is not.

Other fibers

They include the natural silks, blends and a relative newcomer to the market, Triexta. Triexta is produced by DuPont, the same people who developed nylon and this one has the stain resistance built right into the fiber. That makes it permanent and a good carpet choice for people with pets.

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