Excellent heat conduction and eco-friendliness are just two reasons why you should choose tile flooring.

If a room is already chilly, it will draw heat away from your feet and make the whole body feel cooler; it also works oppositely. Just stand on a patio floor that faces the blazing sun.

Tile is also made with earth-friendly materials, like clay, sand, and glass.

Those factors, combined with durability, an almost unlimited number of design options, and affordability make it a preferred choice.

Porcelain and ceramic tile

Many use the words interchangeably and, while they both do have similarities, they also have subtle differences that make them perform differently in various installations.

Porcelain tile is a kind of ceramic but, rather than all clay, its composition also includes sand and glass. It's also fired at higher temperatures. That makes it heavier, more durable, and ideal for heavily trafficked floors like the kitchen, bath, or entrance foyer.

It’s also waterproof, whether or not it’s glazed. Californians may not need to worry often about frost, but porcelain does withstand weather and can be used on patios, decks and poolside.

This is a large format tile that can be made to look like anything, including leather, wood, and stone, many use it because they prefer the fewer grout lines, and can also be used on walls and tub/shower surrounds.

Once considered highly expensive because of the “Italian Porcelana” image, the cost has come way down due to the popularity of ceramics.

Ceramics are those squares with which we're all so familiar, but it now comes in all shapes and sizes, including round, oval, and diamond. These tiles are highly designed and must be glazed to be waterproof. It's thinner than porcelain, but strong and is best used only inside, on low-traffic floors.

Ceramics are used on walls and backsplashes.

A word about grout

While porcelain has a low porosity that resists stains, grout is porous. Even when properly maintained, humidity and moisture can still affect it, resulting in mold, mildew, and discoloration.

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