Antimicrobial Flooring Breaks into the Industry

The increased awareness of germs, viruses, and potentially harmful microorganisms that lurk around every corner has sparked a whole new genre of sanitation products and practices. Everything from cleaning products to germ-resistant countertops are being created with specific safety and hygiene preparations in mind. Unique flooring in San Diego wanted to share some information about one of the most effective products to enter the market: antimicrobial flooring.

Several hospitals, clinics, and long term care centers have already opted for antimicrobial flooring choices during renovations and new construction projects. These facilities are virtual breeding grounds for various germs and viruses that can cause serious infections and the use of antimicrobial flooring offers an extra layer of protection against a slew of dangerous organisms. The special flooring works by slowing down the growth of microorganisms and preventing the spread of disease. The anti-pathogen properties are also highly effective at containing airborne germs that are prone to growth in high traffic areas.

Daycare centers, gymnasiums, locker rooms, and fitness centers are all excellent candidates for antimicrobial flooring. The durable and attractive flooring systems are available in several different style choices that work for virtually every business and residential structure.

Households that contain individuals with respiratory infections and other chronic illnesses also benefit from sanitary upgrades such as antimicrobial flooring. Special topcoats are available for flooring depending on the amount of traffic and what chemicals or other products may be used in the area.

The combination of increased awareness around safety precautions and other sanitation efforts combined with antimicrobial flooring creates a healthier environment for food preparation in facilities, healthcare environments, schools, and other buildings where there is a high potential for cross contamination and the rapid spread of viruses.

Interested in learning more about your options for antimicrobial flooring? Reach out to Unique Flooring at 760-945-0010. We are experts in hardwood, tile, laminate and vinyl in San Diego and are here to offer assistance in choosing the right floor to meet your individual needs.
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