Older homes are often filled with charm and character, and one of the most prominent features found in these homes is hardwood flooring. The flooring experts at Unique Flooring suggest a few reasons why restoring your original wood floors may be beneficial when improving your home.

  1. It Adds Beauty and Ambiance
    Once you restore hardwood flooring in an older home, the space instantly takes on a classic elegance and ambiance. No matter what decorating theme and furniture style you choose, it will look fantastic with such a beautiful floor beneath it. Hardwood flooring looks especially appealing in bedrooms, hallways, living areas, and foyers.
  2. The Property’s Value May Increase
    Restoring authentic wood floors can add value to your house. Buyers are always looking for unique, high-quality features in a property, and being able to tell them the flooring is the original hardwood can be a huge selling point. Even if you are not intending to sell, just knowing your home value has increased can give you great pride in your home ownership.
  3. The Improvements Can Be Long-Lasting
    Hardwood restorations often last for many years. Your family will enjoy the ease and comfort of walking on the sturdy and strong improvements through many of life’s moments. Little repair will likely need to be done to the floors for quite some time, and they will be usable for many generations if properly cleaned and maintained. When carpet is worn and tile is stained and cracked, they must be completely replaced, but hardwood flooring can often be lovingly restored to its natural beauty.
  4. Your Home Will Be Safer
    Real hardwood floors are safer walking surfaces, especially if there are small children and elderly relatives in the home. Tile and laminate flooring can be very slippery and hard. The texture of the wood can help prevent these slips and falls, and spills can be mopped up quickly and easily. Hardwood is also a healthier option than carpet because it is hypoallergenic and has a surface that allows little room for germs to hide.

Unique Flooring offers professional hardwood refinishing services for San Diego residents. However, some hardwood flooring may need to be replaced, or you may prefer a different aesthetic for your home. For more information on hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and tile flooring San Diego homeowners prefer, contact Unique Flooring at 760-945-0010 or visit our showroom today.